A Brief History of the Darion Sector

304.M35 The fleets of Warmaster Asteron breach the Gossamer Veil – a vast nebula 6 light years across – and enter a region of space not seen by human eyes since the dawn of the Golden Age. All contact with the Astronomicon is promptly lost. The Asteron Crusade soldiers on regardless, winning countless battles against the most depraved and degenerate alien species.

309.M35 Admiral Soross leads the Second Fleet into what will become the Persyon subsector and, beginning with the temperate river world that would later bear his name, proceeds to carve out a swath of newly conquered worlds.

311.M35 Lord Admiral Octavian Sorgun, aboard the Battleship Divine Interventionist, lumbers into the Tetrion system with 17 ships of the line in tow. They have received extensive damage in engagements with an unknown foe and have retired to what augurs had determined was a mineral-rich system. Here they discover a pre-Imperial, system-wide human kingdom under the technological guidance of the University world of Turhko. Peaceful negotiations allow the Divine Interventionist and all its 17 cohorts to repair and refit before returning to reinforce Warmaster Asteron as he battles the increasingly resistant alien Cephalon empire in and around the planets of Khskaya, Chiaktur, and Tzinkvala.

312.M35 Another pre-Imperial human planet is discovered, the boiling world of Xtarko. Along with numerous, warring hive-nations, Xtarko’s dense and steaming atmosphere hides the remnants of an Adeptus Astartes Fortress Monastery. The Aeonic Legion Space Marines Chapter has left behind partially altered stewards who have been awaiting the penitent chapter’s return for over six centuries. After a lengthy ground campaign, Xtarko is eventually brought to heel and in 320.M35 begins supplying Imperial Guard Legions to Lord Asteron’s dwindling Crusade.

327.M35 The Cephalon race is finally defeated and driven to ground beneath the chaotic waves of Khskaya. Two whole Legions – the all-female “Red Widows” Artemis 614th and the Valhallan 96th Mechanized – are retired and given settlement rights on Khskaya, establishing a strong martial heritage that will later serve them as an Astartes recruitment world.

335.M35 The Battleship Asteron’s Legacy takes up permanent orbit around a rainy, temperate world in the newly established Astero Sector. The planet’s largest moon – christened Bishop – has extensive fortresses built across its surface. This becomes the Sector Capitol. The Adeptus Administratum begins to establish order.

337.M35 The last of the Second Fleet, under the command of recently promoted Admiral Leeshii, attempts to escape the Gossamer Veil and return with news of triumph to the Imperium of Man. They are never seen or heard from again.

412.M37 For more than two whole millennia the Astero Sector and its subsectors – Persyon and Tet – flourish under an Imperium-like rule, but without the guidance of the Astronomicon order begins to deteriorate. Finally, from across the void, comes a new Crusade. This, under the guidance of the Bishop of Dianna, has come from the recently established Teme Diocese to the Galactic Northwest. The Age of Apostacy has reached Astero. For nearly seven bloody centuries it is ruled by the unyielding Ecclessiarchy. In the end it is the Sisters of the Ardent Shroud who finally free Astero from the very institution they once served.

114.M38 Astero is renamed Darion and the Sector Capitol is moved from the Cathedral world of Asteron and its Bishop Moon to the Imperial world of Dario. With this establishment comes the Adeptus Mechanicus’ colonization of the acidic swamp world of Omari. The long and ultimately bloody rivalry between pre-Imperial Turhko and Omari begins.

117.M38 Construction begins on the Ocean world of Gabrielle as its tiny islands are converted into shrines and fortress abbeys to house the Order of the Vigilant Sisters under the Prioress Organa. The bodies of Saint Cyr, Saint Indira, and Saint Gabriella – the last survivors of the Sisters of the Ardent Shroud’s campaign to free Astero – are interred here.

119.M38 The newly established Heralds Space Marine Chapter arrives in the Darion Sector and establishes its Fortress Monastery on Dario, quickly incorporating itself into the ruling caste. The Heralds are an Ultramarines successor chapter and pride themselves on their parent chapter’s wisdom. Thinking they can emulate Ultramar, the Heralds begin to recruit from the noble houses of the sector and insinuate themselves into every aspect of Sector governance.

278.M40 A Tyranid splinter of Hive Fleet Jormandgr invades Darion and immediately attacks the Prison world of Ceel. The Heralds send six of its ten companies to eradicate the xenos, but after severe losses, manage only to contain the threat at Ceel. All inmates and citizens of Ceel are considered lost, but the planet’s mineral riches are considered too vital to write off and so the planet is quarantined. The entire 3rd company is lost, and most of the Heralds’ remaining companies are reduced to less than half strength. The 8th Reserve Assault Company is permanently deployed to the Quarantine Fleet and begin to earn the nickname “Dragon Slayers”. For reasons still unknown the Tyranid threat has not moved beyond Ceel although all nearby systems remain on high alert.

789.M41 Tensions between Omari and Turhko finally boil over and the Heralds, who believe that every action they take is the Will of the Emperor, declare the planet to be Traitoris. Lines are drawn and many worlds side with Turhko, a long time supplier of machines, medicine, and knowledge. Within one year full-scale civil war breaks out and Darion and its subsectors are left vulnerable to the depredations of the expanding alien Tau. These xenos quickly seize the Agriworlds of Soross and Hant and move to threaten even more vital systems in the Persyon subsector.

791.M41 The Shrine World of Teme Impolshu, in the nearby Teme Subsector, launches a Sisters of Battle Crusader fleet hell-bent on securing sites of Ecclessiarchal significance throughout their warring neighbor Sector.

792.M41 Total chaos still reigns across the entire Darion Sector. Its worlds locked in battle , its cities in ruin. There is no peace amongst these stars, only the laughter of dark gods and an eternity of war.


Planetary Datafax: 09231-6

System Reference: Your title here… Sector, Darion (former Astero Sector).
Population: Sizable
Tithe Grade: Copios
Governmental Type: Astartes Nuntius
+++Inquisitorial Addendum: Reference: Vigilo Mortus+++

The Darion Sector is surrounded by a vast nebula known as the Gossamer Veil. The Veil is psychically attuned and so, to a large extent, blots out the guiding beacon of the Astronomicon. Navigating this nebula is nearly impossible and the fact that Lord Asteron’s crusade fleet made it through mostly intact is considered a miracle by most adherents to the Imperial Cult. For centuries Darion existed uncharted and isolated, a pocket in the galaxy untouched by the Imperium. Although many human and alien civilizations took root here and blossomed, it was not until M36 that Darion even came to be surveyed.

+++Inquisitorial Addendum: Reference: Astartes Nuntius Librarium +

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+++In the name of The Emperor: For the heart, fire. For the Xeno, fire+++


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