Deathwatch- Watchfortress Mnemom: Fidelis Ultra Mortem- Brotherhood Beyond Death

The Eldar Raid
Early in the Campaign

The transport Odyseus sails silently across the void, curiously without escort. Easy prey for corsairs. Cruising the darkness betwixt Moongaul and Irridium, twin Gates of passage from the Teme Impolshu Sector to Darion, the long gray frigate marches on heedless. Like a predator in deep waters, the sleek Eldar Aconite – Nightengale – tails its catch, launching waves of near-invisible assault craft.

Too late the Odyseus’ augurs alert Captain Noradine Quon to the danger. “Brace!” she yells, as junior officers scramble in all directions. “Bring this beast about and arm our guns! Let us show these filthy sinners the error they have made.”

The bridge is alive with activity. The Odyseus is a Q-ship, bait for pirates. As the first of many Eldar squadrons warp boarding parties in, all hell breaks loose on board. The race is on – can the Odyseus hold out long enough for reinforcements, before the vile Xenos warp away? Or will the Eldar cause enough havoc to disable or destroy this ship and escape before that help arrives? Perhaps the Odyseus’ secret cargo, that not even her Captain knows of can tip the balance in the Imeprium’s favor? Is it possible that even just a handful of Astartes can alter the destinies of thousands?


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