Brother Claudius was recuritted from Calistan a death world located in Ultramar subsector. During training his two signature traits became apparent. 1. His extreme intelligence and 2. his tendency to take the intitative to act rather than wait for orders. This has gotten him into some problems with overextending himself in the past. But both traits served him well as an apothecary almost scarily so. When Claudius is assigned to a area of operations causality numbers drop significantly. Wounds most would consider fatal he can fix and in conditions most people wouldn’t be able to treat wounds. While this would make him appear to be an idela Ultramarines he is known to quesiton orders, in fact he is known to quesiton everything. Sometimes it appears he is not even looking for an answer from the perosn who he asked a question from. He just uses the quesiton as a starting point to launch into a diatribe and some complex mathmatical formula or the proper codex approved way to reload a missile launcher.

Despite these problems his high skill level in areas of warfare, his recent action with the tyrannids, and his intelligence made him an ideal candidate for Deathwatch training. Where it is hoped that being souronded by different chapters and demeanors will calm him down and allow him to focus his mind.