Brother Lexicanum Calistarius

The fiery Blood Angel librarian


A fearsome warrior with angelic features and long golden hair much like his Primarch. Calistarius excels in combat with a blade which is only further augmented by his psionic abilities. It is said that he has even earned the favor of the fearsome Lord of Death himself. He has executed many boarding actions on enemy vessels with xenos infestations during the ‘scourging of Ultramar’ and has battled the Eldar in the casualty-heavy ‘Dalaric Campaign’. He often seems aloof or in thought when in fact he is quite perceptive to his surroundings both in the material and immaterial realms. He fluctuates between reserved and outgoing; he is sociable and friendly (to all but Untouchables) but is often the target of mistrust or fear due to his “witchkin powers and abilities”. He knows his station and strives to serve the Emperor to the fullest capacity.