Deathwatch- Watchfortress Mnemom: Fidelis Ultra Mortem- Brotherhood Beyond Death

Squad Claudius reports to Mnemom that the mission was accomplished, but that new complications were pending. Their commander tells them to await the arrival of Inquisitor Praskus Adeel and that he should be arriving in six weeks. They also gain permission to take on whatever mission the Black Wasps would have them do. Claudius sends a copy of his diagnostic of Horred Ryjand to the Lord Militant Admiral Agish Augustine’s tribunal for reveiw and they embark on meeting with the Black Wasps. There they see the incredible precautions this Chapter has taken to avoid warp corruption – likely increased to extreme measures with you in their midst.

The mission is to board the Leviathan, locate the ship’s Dominatrix, and kill it in order to disrupt the Hive Mind’s ability to effectively coordinate fleet actions.

…more to come


Warboss_Waaazag Warboss_Waaazag

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